Banana pancakes, a breakfast revelation.

Quick share this morning of another super quick, tasty and incredibly easy breakfast a few friends have mentioned they enjoy.

pancake cooking

You need:
One banana
One egg
Dollop coconut oil

Mash you banana and beat in the egg. Heat a small pan and add a dollop of coconut oil, less than a teaspoon in enough. Scoop a scant quarter cup of the banana mix into the pan and fry until set then flip and cook until done. About 1 more minute.

Delicious protein rich breakfast and not a cereal in sight. Took the same time as toasting a slice of frozen bread, I did both together.

UPDATE: Following on from the comments, today I added a pinch of cinnamon a couple of drops of vanilla extract and a squeeze of honey, delicious and no toppings needed! Thanks for the ideas.

a cooked pancake ready to eat


12 thoughts on “Banana pancakes, a breakfast revelation.

  1. beckyblueeyes

    Wow! I love it. I did a similar thing with quinoa (recipe on my site): blended the banana and added to quinoa for a yummy oatmeal consistency. That was before, when I couldn’t have eggs. Now I can have eggs and I’m totally trying this! Think cinnamon would be good in there? Vanilla?

    1. Laura Post author

      Yes! A little cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract would be delicious. I had raspberry jam on mine. They’d also be great for dessert with some ice cream if you’re feeling naughty.

      1. Laura Post author

        No gluten or grains in nutella AFAIK, plus you can get some really great organic ones with much less sugar in. I have a dark chocolate one without nuts either.

    1. Laura Post author

      It made two pancakes using a quarter cup measure as a scoop, so decent sized. I cooked them on a medium high temperature but I always find it a little tricky to judge and just watch them to get the temperature right as it also depends on the thickness of your pan. I have a favourite pancake pan though!

  2. beckyblueeyes

    I made them yesterday and LOVED them. With my two pancakes, I did them differently: one with cinnamon and pecans, the other with shredded unsweetened coconut. Both were great! Today, I decided to make GF pancakes just to see the difference. They were bad, in comparison! I’m serious. I’m sticking with the banana pancakes. Super yummy. Thanks so much!

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