back to schoolMy name is Laura and I live in the small market town of Frome in Somerset, England. I’m a Mum of two, an older girl and younger boy, and a Product Manager for a large publishing company.

In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and advised to begin a lifelong regime of drug therapy. Even though I couldn’t really use my hands and could barely walk at that point I really didn’t want to do that and so I investigated other more holistic therapies. My main finding was that diet could be a huge factor, combined with exposure to chemicals.

My husband and I (because I needed the support and motivation) started out on an elimination diet where we excluded pretty much everything to see what might be triggers. Thankfully I haven’t found a direct trigger yet! And I have been lucky enough to not have any further flare ups.

What I did discover however, is that wheat, gluten and grains in general make me feel worse and not just from an arthritis points of view. I dropped 5lbs in the first week of excluding bread from my diet and not eating grains makes me feel not bloated. We’ve been adhering on and off to a Paleo diet for the last year now, with times of being very strict and doing programmes like Whole 30 and sometimes being a bit more easy going.

We’ve been trying out lots of grain free, sugar free, dairy free and legume free foods and I wanted a place to gather all my favourite tried and tested recipes together. We’ve also started trying out homemade cleaning products, body products and more so I’ll post up how to do those.

I also wanted somewhere to write my thoughts about various baby and kids products that I love. And a home to save links to articles and more that I love or hate. I’m passionate about breastfeeding, natural childbirth, co-sleeping, women’s’ rights, choice and rights in childbirth, informed consent, holistic healthcare (by that I mean I support both modern medicine and the use of things like herbs and diet) and gentle parenting.

I hope you like what you find.


What do you think?

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