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Homemade, natural make up remover and cleanser

My friend Victoria Lewis has been trying this out and kindly sent her recipe.

This sounds like a great, natural way to cleanse your face without drying out. I’m going to make up a batch and see how it goes.


2 tbsp witch hazel
2tbsp sweet almond oil
2 tbsp water

As this is a mix of oil and non-oil based liquids, don’t forget to shake well before use. Store it in a lovely old glass bottle, or re-use any clean plastic bottle. I’ve earmarked an old Victoria bottle I have for this already.

To use, pour a little onto a cotton pad and wipe over your face, no need to wash it off, and it makes your skin feel lovely.

Victoria says “Once used as a cleanser my skin feels great, fresh and smooth, if used just to take off make up my eyes are so soft”.